Thanksgiving Carnival

St. Peter’s parking lot came alive last Saturday, November 24, with 5 giant jumpers, 5 different concession stands, and over 300 children from both St. Peter’s and St. Michael’s Church Schools. The eight seminarians from Mar Abba and the Workers of the Vineyard organized the carnival for both parishes’ registrants, having multiple helpers stationed at each attraction to keep things running smoothly all afternoon. When speaking with some of the organizers, they commented that the event was a success simply because the kids were having fun: “We weren’t doing it for the money; everything was free of charge.”

As the music died down, and stations made final calls for free food, a general air of accomplishment could be felt in the atmosphere by all who helped run the event, and an eager anticipation for the Christmas party scheduled in December.

A special thanks to all the donors who made it possible to keep this event free of charge for the students:

Ladies of Hope
Legion of Mary – Group A
Legion of Mary – Group B
Sacred Heart
Parish Council
MOMS group
Arabic Bible Study