Sr. Gabrielle Mariam Makes Her Temporary Profession

Both the Diocese, and its order of common life, the Workers of the Vineyard, had great cause to celebrate last night, on November 4, not only for the first Sunday of Kulal Etta, but for the temporary profession and veiling of Sr. Gabrielle Mariam Gniewek.

The Sister who had come from the Ukrainian Rite to join our Chaldean community in 2011, had finally reached the next stage of her discernment, and promised to continue discerning within the order while serving the diocese, for one more year.

She made her profession, was given the name “Sr. Gabrielle Mariam,” and veiled at the hands of Mar Sarhad Jammo, in front of other eminent Chaldean personalities, such as Archdeacon Sabri Kejbo. The ceremony was followed by a Mass celebrated by Father Andrew Younan, after which, the Bishop delivered a rousing address to all the faithful attending. He congratulated all the Sisters, and encouraged the Diocese as a whole with talk of the army of the Lord, headed by the priests, and supported by Sisters such as these.

The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle congratulates Sr. Gabrielle Mariam Gniewek, and is very proud to adopt her as one of its own.