The Seminary of Mar Abba the Great

We are proud to announce that our Diocese now has 8 seminarians: Ankido Sipo, David Stephen, Simon Esshaki, Royal Hannosh, Peter Patros, Samer Shamasha, Andrew Ausi, and David Kami. While this is a great grace from God, our seminary is now full and we are beginning the process of finding a new seminary. We are asking all members of our Diocese to support the seminary in any way they can.

The new Seminarians were introduced to the faithful during both morning masses on Sunday, September 23, 2012. It is a great grace that God has given to St. Peter Diocese in blessing us with so many vocations. During their homilies, the clergy encouraged the people to take responsibility for the young men who are studying to be their future priests. These are the men who will baptize their children, marry them and give them a Christian burial. The care of these men is not only in the hands of the Bishops and Clergy, it is also in the hands of the faithful whom they are going to serve.

Below, you will find the audio of their announcement at the 9:30AM Mass by Fr. Andrew Younan. His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo gave a sermon regarding this great joy during the 11:30AM Mass, you may find his audio on theSermons page.