St. Matthew’s 5th Annual Assyrian-Chaldean Food Festival

Saint Matthew Catholic Church held its 5th annual Assyrian – Chaldean Food Festival on 8th & 9th of September of 2012. Father Awraha Mansoor and Father Potrus Sulaqa joined us both days. Fr. Mansoor set off the event with an opening prayer and blessings for all participants and guests attending this festival.

As crowds gathered to enjoy our authentic food, traditional pastries, and folkloric music, everyone got the taste of our heartwarming hospitality where by many opportunities for our friends and families to bond were the main attraction. The highlight of this event was the group dance performed by few of our Parish youth members who gave an outstanding performance of our traditional dances and deservingly earned applause and appreciation. These performances were so lively that they inspired many of the attendees to join them and they all danced and had a great time.

IMG 8277On Sunday September 9th, Fr. Mansoor celebrated the Holy Mass in the morning and following that, the festival activities resumed for the second day. Once again we were delighted to have friends from St. Mary Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church in Campbell and St. Thomas Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church in Turlock join us along with friends from other local parishes.

St. Matthew Catholic Church would like to thank the members of the parishes of our St. Peter Diocese and the members of other local parishes for their support and blessings, all of our guests, vendors, and all who participated in the planning of this event including all volunteers and Daughters of Mary of our Parish, for their dedication and hard work that made this event a huge success.

These are few photos of this event; however, you may visit our Parish website at the following address to see more photos of this event as well as news and other activities of our Parish: