Mary Mother of Chaldeans Grotto

This Thursday, September 12, St. Peter’s Cathedral will be celebrating the annual Feast of the Holy Cross. The feast is usually commemorated with a celebration of the Mass, followed thereafter by a procession outside. This year, Saint Peter’s Cathedral has an additional element added to the ceremonies: the unveiling of Mary Mother of Chaldeans Grotto, which has been under construction outside the Church’s main office for a few months now.

The image has been completed in the style of a mosaic, and depicts the Holy Family in Bethlehem at the coming of the Magi. The entire image is constructed in such a way where the ties between Mary, Joseph, Jesus and their Chaldean roots are all exemplified with Scriptural passages. This artistic piece should serve as a reminder not only to Chaldeans, but to the Church at large, just how interwoven the Chaldean heritage is with Salvation History, so that even after Thursday’s ceremonies are over, all may walk away enriched, and filled with cultural pride.