St. Joseph Youth Retreat

The young people of St. Joseph Youth Group participated in a two day retreat at St. George Monastery on the weekend of August 18-19, 2012. The group was accompanied by Fr. Faris Yako, Fr. Rayan Atto and Deacon Gaith Esshaki, as well as Seminarians of Mar Abba the Great, Simon Esshaki and David Stephen, along with Sister Miskenta and Sister Eman of the Workers of the Vineyard.

The group headed to the Monastery in the early morning of August 18 and returned the following evening, August 19. Through the many talks, activities and small groups, the young people were able to draw closer to God and experience his presence in their lives. Away from the all the distractions of the world, the youth were able to enter into a more intimate relationship with God through the Sacraments of Confession and the celebration of Holy Mass.

Thanks to the many leaders and helpers, the retreat was a truly a success and the youth returned to their homes spiritually refreshed and ready to battle life’s hardships with Christ by their side.

St. Joseph Youth is a group of young people in college who meet at St. Michael’s Parish every Friday at 6:30pm. The group is lead by Deacon Gaith Esshaki as well as young people from the parish. On Saturday evenings after 6:30pm Mass, the group gathers for prayers and meditations in the Church.

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