Celebrating the Assumption at the Cathedral

“O Virgin, O holy daughter of David, filled with modesty and dignity: offer pleadings and supplications on behalf of our assembly to the Lord who chose you, that we may be made worthy of the kingdom.”

          – Basilica Hymn, The Feast of the Assumption

The Holy Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady was celebrated on the eve of the feast, August 14, 2012. The community gathered at the Cathedral for Mass at 6pm. Afterward, the congregation joined the clergy in a procession to the statue of Our Lady where she was crowned.

The feast also commemorated the last day of the Chaldean Scouts. The young boys and girls came to Mass wearing their uniforms and took part in the procession. The Chaldean Scouts is a summer program that was started last year in order to help our children keep their heritage and culture alive by learning about who they are and the language that still keeps them connected.