BASIC Sports Day

“It was one of the best Sports Days we’ve ever had” is what one participant at the annual BASIC Sports Day said, as a variety of sports took place around her. Even with the August heat and humidity, nearly 50 regular participants in the diocesan youth group partook in baseball, tennis, dodgeball, and basketball, among other sports at Steele Canyon Park last Tuesday.

BASIC leaders both refereed and actively participated in the sports alongside the kids, fully enjoying the kick-off event meant to serve as a reminder of the forthcoming youth group semester beginning August 31. Royal Hannosh, the seminarian in charge of BASIC, says “If the turnout at the Sports Day is in any way indicative of the upcoming BASIC season, then we’re in for a blast this year.”

Brothers And Sisters In Christ (BASIC) is a junior high school youth group that takes place every Friday during the school year.