The 2012 Convention Speakers

The second day of the Youth Convention began like the first, with prayer. After Sapra (morning prayer), the first speaker of the convention , Clayton Treska, was introduced by Fr. Andrew Younan. Clay spoke of his experiences serving in different countries with the U.S. Military, one of them being Iraq. It was there that he first became acquainted with the Chaldean people and has been in close contact with them ever since. He also spoke of his battle with cancer and how he used the Ironman trialathon to get through it. His moving speech was a testament to human indurance and the power of hope.

After a short break, the second speaker, Dr. Michael Barber, was presented. His lecture, titled, “Jesus and the Theology of Babylon:’Forgive Us Our Debts,'” addressed this part of the Our Father through Babylonian lenses. He spoke of the correlation between debt and sin and how credit could be compared to good deeds. Dr. Barber’s lecture encouraged the youth to draw closer to the God who can take away their debt and give them the grace to credit heaven.