Seminar on Public Issues

A group of men and women from all over the world gathered in the St. Peter’s Educational Center to hold the Seminar on Public Issues. Throughout the day, different speakers addressed the issues that Chaldeans are facing all around the world today. One issue they focused on was that we are losing our language and forgetting our heritage. Through the different lectures, the audience gained a better understanding of how to face these issues and not submissively allow ourselves to fade away.

The schedule of the seminar was as follows:

9:45am            Welcome Remarks by Dr. Noori Barka
10am-12pm      “Working Together for Human Rights” Lecture
By:  Dr. Rabi Abdula, Professor in Sociology
12-1pm            Lunch
1-1:30pm         Remarks
By:  Ablahad Afram, Secretary of the Chaldean Democratic Party
1:30-2pm         Remarks
By: Dr. Noori Mansor, Secretary of the United Chaldean Democratic Forum
2-2:30pm         Remarks
By: Sam Yono, Secretary of the Chaldean National Assemby
2:30-3pm         Remarks
By: Habib Tomi, President of the International Union of Chaldean Writers
3-3:30pm         Remarks
By: Behnam Jibo, Head of Chaldean Union Clubs in Sweden