Chaldean Community Awards Banquet

Fifteen people were given prestigious awards and titles at the Chaldean Diocese’s Awards Banquet last Saturday, July 21, at St. Michael’s hall, at the hands of Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo. In front of a sizeable crowd of esteemed members of the community, among many other prominent presences visiting from Michigan and Sweden, 6 of the awardees received the Chaldean Award of Justice and Freedom, 8 the title of Chaldean Nobility, and 1 the Papal Award of “Knight of the Order of Saint Sylvester, Pope” for their many contributions, deeds, and influences for Chaldeans in this diocese as well as Chaldeans worldwide.

All present were delighted at the impromptu ceremony held at the end, where the Bishop was in turn given gifts of great meaning from multiple parties, including the Chaldean churches from the North of the diocese, and the south. We wish to congratulate the awardees for their triumphs and we thank them for all their contributions over the years.

The persons who received awards are as follows;

*The Award of the Order of Chaldean Nobility:

Aziz Razoky
Basil Makdesi
Kamil Salem
Mona Hermiz
Najib Oram
Nashat Naoom
Dr. Noori Barka
Tom Simon

*The Chaldean Award of Justice and Freedom:
Ablahad Afraim Sawa
Bahnam Jabou Hanna
Lena Tailo
Sam Yono
Wadie Daddeh
Zina Asmar-Salem

*And conferring the Papal Award of the Title “Knight of the Order of Saint Sylvester, Pope” to:
George Al-Banna