Amerta Myusarta

The Captive Princess A Musical Play Written by Bishop Sarhad Yawsip Jammo

Subject Matter: Dramatization, through the life of one Chaldean family, of historic events that occurred during the time of Tamerlane between the years 1400-1405, concerning Christians of Mesopotamia and the surrounding countries of that
period, focusing mostly on the Chaldean people and Church.

Prelude: Three stanzas talking about the meaning of time and its changing moods, how people cope up with it differently, and how hard it is to maintain nobility and valor throughout; this being valid for a passed era as well as for a contemporary time.

Act I

Scene 1: A meeting between a high officer of Tamerlane and his agents, pressuring them to be faithful to their lord, so that they would be abundantly rewarded.

Scene 2: A party for those agents enjoying the benefits of their submission.

Act II

Scene 1: A monastery in the Chaldean Church, where an abbot is giving a lecture to disciples, describing the toughness of time, and the dangers of the situation.

Scene 2: Between the abbot a Chaldean noble family.


Scene 1: The lady of the house receives news of the destruction occurring in villages in neighborhoods by Tamerlane’s soldiers.

Scene 2: The lady prays, asking salvation for her community, nation, and Church.

Scene 3: Some of the children of the lady planning to become agents of the tyrant, betraying their mother and community.

Scene 4: Mother encouraging son and daughter to depart to freedom, and remain faithful to nation and Church.

Scene 5: The soldiers of Tamerlane take the mother and her daughter in captivity.

Act IV

Scene 1: Back in the monastery, where news of the death of Tamerlane reaches with the collapse of his army and the liberation of the mother and therefore the celebration of freedom with better hope for the future.