10th Anniversary Celebration of the Diocese

“Awake, O Sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.” Ephesians 5:14


Youth Convention (Age: 15-30 years)

6pm                   Registration and Dinner at St. Peter’s Cathedral
8pm                   Procession
8:15pm              Evening Prayer
8:30pm              Diocesan Documentary Premiere
9:15pm              Departure to Hotel


Youth Convention (Age: 15-30 years)

7:30am             Breakfast (at the hotel)
9am                  Morning prayer
9am – Noon       Speakers: Dr. Michael Barber and Clay Treska
Noon-5pm         Sight-Seeing (lunch at sight-seeing destination, not provided)
6:30pm             Evening Prayer at St. Peter’s Cathedral
7pm                  Dinner at St. Peter’s Cathedral

Evening Event (Open to Public)

8-10:30pm        Play at St. Peter’s Cathedral Hall
Title: “Amirta Musarta” (The Captive Princess)
Cost: $10 per person


I. Youth Convention

9am-4pm          Sports at YMCA
4:30pm             Departure to Hotel
7pm- Midnight    Banquet at St. Peter’s Cathedral Hall

II. Chaldean Scouts (Age: 10-14 years)

10am– 6pm      Sports at Cuyamaca College

III. Seminar on Public Issues (Location: St. Peter’s Cathedral Educational Center)

9:45am            Welcome Remarks by Dr. Noori Barka
10am-12pm      “Working Together for Human Rights” Lecture
By:  Dr. Rabi Abdula, Professor in Sociology
12-1pm            Lunch
1-1:30pm         Remarks
By:  Ablahad Afram, Secretary of the Chaldean Democratic Party
1:30-2pm         Remarks
By: Dr. Noori Mansor, Secretary of the United Chaldean Democratic Forum
2-2:30pm         Remarks
By: Sam Yono, Secretary of the Chaldean National Assemby
2:30-3pm         Remarks
By: Habib Tomi, President of the International Union of Chaldean Writers
3-3:30pm         Remarks
By: Behnam Jibo, Head of Chaldean Union Clubs in Sweden

Evening Events

4pm-8pm         Festival at Cuyamaca College
8pm                 Youth Convention Banquet at St. Peter’s Cathedral
Bishop Banquet at St. Michael Chaldean Church


9am                Outdoor Mass with shamashe ordinations for four seminarians of Mar Abba the Great at Cuyamaca College
11am              Festival at Cuyamaca College


Chaldean Language Symposium

7pm                “Contemporary Chaldeans Claiming their Own Language” Lecture by Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo
7:30pm            Intervention
7:45pm            Audience Comments
8pm                “Jewish-Chaldean Cultural Relations” Lecture
By: Professor Sabar Yona
8:30pm            Comments
8:45pm           “Contemporary Urmea-Aramaic Dialect” Lecture By: Corbishop Samuel Dinkha
9:15pm            Comments
9:30pm            Resolution
10pm               End