Good Friday at St. Peter Cathedral

The Good Friday service at St. Peter Cathedral began as it customarily does with Ramsha. After a hymn by the choir, Fr. Noel Gorgis gave the sermon. He spoke of forgiveness and the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Every day, we fall into our weakness and vices. Every day we remember our weakness, we choose to take the road to sin instead of forgiveness. Yet God waits for us to return to him. He has mercy on us, opens his arms in love for us and welcomes us as his sons and daughters again.

Fr. Noel spoke of how unlike the prophets of old who encouraged the people to repent, Jesus offers us forgivenss itself. This day, let us live, not die. Today, Christ died to give us hope, to lead us back to the Father. He hung on the Cross to give us life, not the life we desire as men, but the life of the Father. If we are Christians and have come to this gathering today looking for forgiveness, let us remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross and return to God.

The sermon is availabe in Chaldean.