St. Peter Chaldean Choir’s Spiritual Retreat

On Friday February 3, 2012, the Choir of St. Peter Chaldean Cathedral in El Cajon drove up to St. George Monastery near Lake Matthews in Riverside, CA, for a Spiritual Retreat and a life changing experience. The retreat started with a talk by Fr. Noel on a passage in Mark 6, “Jesus said to them, Come away by yourselves to a quiet place, and take a rest for a time.” The retreat was a great time for the choir to grow closer together, especially as we sat around a bonfire, prayed the rosary, sang many hymns, and enjoyed personal reflection time. This allowed members to go deeper into their hearts and minds and come closer to God.

On the Saturday Fr. Noel started the day by leading the group on a hike. We all enjoyed the mountain with a visionary scenic view. When we made it to the top, Fr. Noel talked about what Jesus said to the Galilaeans in Luke 13, followed by a 20 minute meditation about the Bible passage. Afterward, all the retreatants had the opportunity to go to confession, for personal reflection time in adoration, and the celebration of Mass. The talks had many enriching activities which allowed members to take an active part in all of them. The purpose of this retreat was to renew our faith and pray for and with each other. All the participants made sure to pray for all other Choir members who could not come to this retreat. This really reflected our mission and desire to be always one family in Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is that the Choir may continually draw themselves closer to God.