Congratulating Our Newest Bishops

Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle

Congratulation Message for the New Chaldean Bishops
To His Beatitude Mar Louis Sako & Their Excellencies the Chaldean Bishops


15 January 2015

We offer our sincerest prayers and hearty congratulations on the occasion of the announcement of the approval by the Holy Father Pope Francis of the canonical election by the Synod of Bishops of Mar Basel Yaldo as auxiliary of the Patriarchate of Babylon of the Chaldeans, as well as the appointment by the Holy Father Pope Francis of Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona as bishop of the Chaldean eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle in Sydney, Australia, and of Mar Emmanuel Challita as bishop of the Chaldean eparchy of Mar Addai in Toronto, Canada.


The Emmanuel App

Your prayer life at your fingertips

Of the many challenges a person may face in their personal life, making more time for prayer is a desire that is common among those who take their faith seriously. With so many people and things fighting for our attention, it often seems like God gets crammed into smaller and smaller corners of our lives. Though there are thousands of ways to talk to God, the church offers its own prayers to the faithful. For years, it was impossible for english speaking faithful of the Chaldean church to participate in these prayers unless they learned the Aramaic language. Finally, in 2013, St. Peter Diocese offered its faithful a translation of these prayers in the Emmanuel book. 


A New Seminary and New Beginnings

The Blessing of the Altar at the New Seminary of Mar Abba the Great

IMG 4838In July 2008, a historic event took place in St. Peter Diocese when the first Chaldean Seminary outside of Iraq opened its doors. A long time dream of His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great was opened in response to a group of young men who desired to become Chaldean priests. Over the years, the seminary grew until finally it became impossible for the compound to house all of the young men. Finally, after months of searching, a property was found that would accommodate the present and future growth of the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great. 


The Feast of the Dawning of Our Lord

Reflection on the Basilica Hymn for the Feast Dinha

Article by Fr. Andrew Younan
For more reflections on the Basilica Hymns of each season, purchase Perpetual Jubilee: Meditations on the Chaldean Liturgical Year on 

The Perfect Summary

Just as in many Feasts of the highest importance, the Basilica Hymn of the Holy Feast of Dinha, or the Dawning of our Lord, is comprised of many verses reflecting on the events that have taken place for our salvation as well as the spiritual results of these events. It is probable that the multitude of these verses was sung during a procession, most likely from the Bema to the Sanctuary, where, after Ramsha was completed, Communion was given to the People of God.


A Present Joy

and Future Hope

SG2Yesterday, January 4, our Liturgy commemorated the finding of the 12-yr-old Jesus in the Temple. The Gospel tells us that when His parents expressed their deep concern over His absence, He responded with “Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”

Sr. Gabrielle Maryam Gniewek similarly defined her life by making a Temporary Profession yesterday at St. Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral’s4:30pm Mass. Kneeling before God and Bishop Sarhad at the altar, she promised obedience to the Bishop, a life of chastity, and renounced self-sufficiency, for the next 18 months of her life in service to God.


The Tree of Life

A reflection on Our Lady

By Shamasha Ankido Sipo

All the Church’s teachings about our Lady have Christ as their reference point, and so are really doctrines about Christ and his power in sanctifying creation. For example, that the Virgin Mary is called the Mother of God is first a teaching about who Jesus is: God. Mary is hailed as the Mother of God in reference to whom she is the mother of; therefore, Christ’s divinity is the primary teaching of this doctrine. Likewise, this does not take away from the glory of the Mother of God herself, it in fact increases it. There is no dichotomy of praise between the two people involved in this teaching. God’s goodness is so infinite that his great power causes us to be glorified. In this case, Mary, once an ordinary Jewish girl with extraordinary holiness, is elevated in status by God; God is glorified in revealing his power to raise human nature, and an ordinary Jewish girl is glorified in her elevation by God. Praising one does not take praise away from the other.


Celebration by Firelight

A Chaldean Tradition for Christmas

Approaching Christmas, one is surrounded by holiday traditions and seasonal formalities. From Latin Rite Advent wreaths, to Chaldean Rite Marian Fasts, the Church provides many means by which the faithful can prepare themselves for the coming of Christ – each putting unique emphasis on a particular spiritual aspect.

After a Season of patient waiting, the Church now celebrates the much-anticipated birth of her Savior, and with a new Season, comes a plethora of new and edifying traditions with different spiritual benefits than the previous Season’s.


The Emmaus Retreat

A time of Spiritual Renewal

IMG 0914That very day two of them were going to a village named Emma'us, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them. –Luke 24:13-15

The Emmaus Retreat took place again in St. Peter's Diocese. 30 Chaldean youth, led by Deacons and soon-to-be priests, Simon Esshaki and David Stephen, as well as other leaders, drove from St. Peter's to St. George Monastery in Riverside on Thursday, December 18. 


BASIC Jr. Youth Group Hosts a Christmas Wrap Party

by Deacon Royal Hannosh

IMG 8684On Friday, December 19th, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Youth Group (BASIC) wanted to give back to our Chaldean community. We wanted to brighten up the Christmas feel for all the unfortunate families in our community. We as a group decided on collecting gifts for refugees and our leadership team set a goal to raise 300 gifts for refugee families this Christmas. We thought to achieve our goal by means of the youth members getting involved in our community and asking for these gifts. BASIC registered over 150 refugee children to be recipients of these gifts in just two days. We hosted a Christmas party where the entry price was to bring a gift for a refugee child. This party was open to the public and that night, we collected and wrapped over 350 gifts. 


A Grand Finale

The final performance of Between the Moon and the Star

IMG 4718In preparation for Christmas, the St. Peter Cathedral and St. Michael's Choirs put on the beautiful performance of Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo's play, Between the Moon and the Star. The last night of the play took place on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 8pm. The packed auditorium was filled with young families and the many parishoners of both parishes. At the end of the night, His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo congratulated the choir and actors for their hard work, as well as all of the crew members who helped make the play possible.



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