Children, Have You Any Fish

MOMS Group enjoys a day retreat at the convent

IMG 3933On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 40 women gathered at the convent of Our Lady of the Fields for a day retreat hosted by the Workers of the Vineyard. The retreat was based on the last chapter of St. John's Gospel and focused on the interaction between Jesus and the disciples. The women gathered at the convent at 8:30am and started the day off with morning prayer followed by Communion service. After enjoying a small breakfast, the retreat began and lasted until 2pm. The speakers included Sister Tarbytha Mariam, along with the newly ordained Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki. Confession was also available throughtout the retreat thanks to the visiting priests. Though the retreat was only a few hours, the women were able to draw closer to Christ through the different talks and activities planned for the day. 


If they killed and buried, why were they standing guard?

Reflection on the Basilica Hymn for the Third Sunday of the Resurrection

Article by Fr. Andrew Younan

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Reality Revisited

The “bare fact” of the rising of Christ and the evidence that supports it such as the empty tomb was stated and reflected upon by means of this hymn three weeks ago on Easter Sunday, as the second section of the Basilica Hymn for that greatest Feast of the year. The same hymn is repeated here, presented for our reflection a second time. A similar thing happened during Lent, when the same hymn was used during the first and last week, and we saw that the purpose there was to allow us to look at the same words with different, changed eyes, with eyes that had endured the battle and look back to its beginning matured and tempered from the fight.


The First Fruits of St. Peter Diocese

The Priestly Ordination of Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki Friday, April 10th, 2015

041015 congrats

On behalf of our Parish Priests and Parish communities of Northern California Vicariate, I extend with prayers, most heartfelt sentiments to our beloved H.E. Bishop Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, for the first fruits of St. Peter Diocese, made manifest in the priestly ordination of Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki. Your Excellency, may The LORD our GOD Who chose you to shepherd Fr. Ankido and Fr. Simon into a life of sanctity, consecrated in Christ’s Name, confer on you His unfathomable Mercy, so that by His Word and Grace, you continue to feed (us) His Church.


A Special Visit

Bishop Francis Kalabat joins the seminarians of Mar Abba the Great for Morning Prayer

Written by: Seminarian Marlo Georgis

IMG 0275On Monday, April 13, 2015, the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great had a special guest come to the seminary to join us in praying Slotha d-Sapra (Morning Prayer), followed by Razanayth (Communion Service); His Excellency Bishop Mar Francis Kallabat. Fr. Andrew Younan, the Rector of the seminary, gave Bishop Francis a grand tour since it was Bishop Francis’ first time visiting the seminary. Before Bishop Francis’ departure, we were blessed by receiving a blessing from him. We thank Bishop Francis for blessing us by his presence, and we pray that the Lord strengthens him and the Holy Spirit guides him for fulfill his episcopal mission. We hope to see you soon, Bishop Francis!


Serving the Altar of Christ

Fr. Ankido Sipo celebrates his first Mass

IMG 6006On Sunday morning, April 12, 2015, newly ordained Fr. Ankido Sipo celebrated his first Mass at St. Peter Cathedral. Like Fr. Simon, Fr. Ankido chose to celebrate his first mass in Gushma (Chaldean) and was assisted by his former rector, Fr. Andrew Younan.

Fr. Ankido joined the newly established St. Joseph Monastery before his ordination. He is the first priest and monk of that order. We ask for continued prayers for our newly ordained priests. 


Priest of God Most High

Fr. Simon Esshaki celebrates his first Mass

IMG 5885On April 11, 2015 the newly ordained Fr. Simon celebrated the 5pm mass at St. Peter Cathedral. The church was filled with family and friends along with the many faithful who came to attend. During his homily, Fr. Simon spoke of how honored he was to be a priest of Christ. It was beautiful to hear the young priest celebrate his first mass in Gushma (Chaldean). Below are pictures and a video highlighting Fr. Simon's first mass. 


The First Fruits

St. Peter Diocese gains two new priests

IMG 5647St. Peter Cathedral was packed to the brim on Friday, April 10, 2015 for the priestly ordination of Fr. Ankido Sipo and Fr. Simon Esshaki. A truly historic event for St. Peter Diocese, the first two seminarians of Mar Abba the Great were ordained priests. The ceremony was witnessed by five bishops and over a dozen priests, not to mention the faithful who were so packed in the church that many were left standing or watching a live stream from the Hall. Hundreds of people also tuned into the live stream on to share in this monumental event. 


Preparations Continue

Priest of God, Celebrate this Mass as if it is your first Mass, Your last Mass and your only Mass. 
          Mother Teresa

IMG 3756After a second rehearsal with the Shamashe and lectors of St. Peter Cathedral, the faithful gathered in the church for a vigil. The day before ordination is often a nerve wracking time for the candidates. Knowing full well that they will never be the same after ordination, their nerves are under pressure the hours leading up to the priesthood. Therefore, on Thursday March 9, 2015, the faithful gathered in the Cathedral for a Holy Hour offered on behald of Deacon Ankido Sipo and Simon Esshaki. 


Holy Week at St. Matthew's

Lent Season through Easter Sunday Commemorations and Celebrations at St. Matthew Catholic Church, Ceres-Ca

The Good News of The Risen Christ continue to echo in the hearts and minds of all who have come to believe in Him, and continue to evoke the message of The Cross to all mankind.


St. Joseph Monastery

A new monastery and a new beginning

IMG 3603The Week of Weeks in the Chaldean church is always a beautiful time. In the East, each day of the week following Easter is considered Sunday. The Resurrection is so big that it can't only last for one day. The power of Christ's rising is remembered every single day the week following Easter. 

For St. Peter Diocese, this particular Week of Weeks contains historic events that will be remembered in this diocese for years. One of these events took place on Wednesday, April 9, 2015 with the opening of St. Joseph Monastery. The newly established monastery is equipped to house up to 6 monks. Currently, three monks live in the monastery, one of them being the soon to be Father Ankido Sipo.



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