Chaldean Scouts

View the 2013 Chaldean Scouts summer schedule.

Chaldean Scouts was founded in 2011 in St. Peter Diocese. It is a non-profit, non-political program launched dedicated to the development of the Chaldean youth to become strong leaders in their community.

Throughout the summer, Chaldean boys and girls from ages 10 to 18 are taught scouting, culture, history, and the Chaldean language and writing by volunteers including the Seminarians of St. Peter Diocese and the Workers of the Vineyard. Furthermore, they are taught about nature, exercise and teamwork. The Scouts take a number of field trips where they play sports and hike with scout leaders to historical monuments.

The program’s first-ever scouts graduated mid-August 2011. 


The 2013 Chaldean Scouts shedule is listed below. The highlighted events are to indicate outings or activities occuring on days other than the usual Wednesdays on which Scouts gather. 

July 3rd – Introduction/Patriotic Songs

July 10th – Planting Iraqi melon seeds

July 14th – Trip to Balboa Park

July 17th – American Revolution Guest Speaker

July 26th-27th – Mother/Daughter Camping Trip

July 27th-28th – Father/Son Camping Trip

July 31st – Scavenger Hunt

August 7th – Chivalry/Etiquette Guest Speaker

August 14th – Chaldean Recreation Day

August 21st – Visiting an Animal Farm


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