Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon Pontifical Babel College For Philosophy and Theology  

Babel Collegearrow Arabic Version Babel College

arrow Institution of Christian Education (Arabic) Babel College

The Pontifical Babel College for Philosophy and Theology was founded in 1991, by a decree of Hid Beatitude Mar Raphael I Bidawid, in agreement with the Chaldean Synod. It is situated in Baghdad, Dora, El-Mekaniek, next to St. Peter Chaldean Seminary.  

Its aim is to provide a higher scientific education for priest-students, monks, nuns and interested lay people. In the Middle Esat, and especially in Iraq. The Pontifical Babel College have developed a method of work in ecumenical openness for the Eastern Churches traditions, in the context of the Mesopotamian Civilizations, and tries to present modern outlooks for the present day, but on the basis of sound scientific Bible studies and traditional theology, with specialization in the different fields of interest (Philosophy, Liturgy, Canon-law………)  

The Pontifical Babel College was recognized and affiliated with the Pontifical Urbanian University, Rome, Italy in 1997, on an experimental basis for 5 years since November 15, 2000.  

The Pontifical Babel College is also a member of the Association of Theological institutes of the Middle East, which has a center in Lebanon in Sayyidat Umn en-Nour convent, since 1994.  

The College also is affiliated with the Antakia Art Institute ( Lebanon) which organizes conferences about Syrian Traditions and Folklore. This a part of a general agreement with the H. spirit University of Kaslik (Lebanon), on cooperation and exchange of teachers and experiences between the two institutions.  

Address: Al Dora-Hay Zubayda (Mahallah 860 – Zuqaq 38 Mabna 1)
P. O. Box 12239 Al Dora
Baghdad – Iraq
Tel: 7750152 or 7759964
Fax: 01 7750458


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